The growing use of Rap in Today’s Country!



Howdy ya’ll. Now, before ANYONE gets upset, just remember, this is MY opinion.  I am a HUGE Fan of the above pictured Blake Shelton. His song, Austin, has to be one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL of country love songs. I even like Boys ‘Round Here. However, there are almost different versions of the song out. One version features some well-known rap artists.  Now, I didn’t grow-up on rap. I don’t see ANY talent inn it. Most of it is degrading to women, gays, whites, and, blacks. Country has NOT EVER been degrading to ANYONE. I guess you could say that I’m a rapper. I talk over music in a bar. I’m not getting paid millions to do so. Do I want to see country devolve? Absolutely NOT. Mixing country with rap is a mixing of different cultures. In my opinion, rap has NO place in country. Thoughts?

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