Fundraising Campaign for NEW Debut CD Absolute Redemption


CP Kelley started  a brand new campaign to help raise the remaining funds needed to finish the recording process of his brand new DEBUT CD titled “Absolute Redemption”.

The CD will contain originals by CP Kelley and some favorite covers that he relates to.

The fundraiser will last 30 days, in that time we’re asking for donations.  Those donations come with prize levels packed full of great things to say thanks for your support.

“I can’t do this without my fans, my friends and family.  Your support means the world to me and together we can make this dream a reality and that dream will provide entertainment for years to come”.

Any donation you make won’t be charged unless we meet the $3,000.00 goal.  If we fall short your cards are not charged, but if we do meet the goal your cards will be charged and your prize levels will come shortly after the campaign ends in December.

To donate click this link:

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